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Elegance Meets Power

The birth of Orion Pico was no accident. It's a meticulously crafted response to an essential need - the desire for subtlety and portability in the vaping experience.

While Orion II has crafted its unique space in the vaping world, we at LVE recognized the need for a compact counterpart, something smaller but just as powerful, something subtly handy yet capable of delivering seamless vaping experiences – hence, Orion Pico.

Every feature of the Orion Pico reflects our dedication to a design philosophy that fuses elegance and pragmatic functionality. Despite its miniaturization, there's no compromise on power or flexibility.

Welcome to the Pico Era

Behind the Orion Pico is our understanding that a great product can be compact without loss of functionality. We walk that delicate balance to ensure that the smallest details come together to form a device that fits comfortably in your hand and yet delivers an unparalleled vaping experience.

Our belief in originality escorted us on a journey of constructing a device that stands as a testament to our values. With Orion Pico, we have taken a leap into uncharted territories, breaking conventions not for the sake of being different, but for offering an innovative solution that our customers crave. 

Orion Pico took form not just as a response to a challenge, but as a natural next step in our journey at LVE.
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Glistening Geometry

Aesthetics that Mesmerize

There is an undeniable visual charm that the Orion Pico carries. A charm that finds its roots in our love for nature and meticulous craftsmanship. A charm that is intensified by the crystalline and mineral-inspired colors and the reflective milled aluminium panels.

These panels, in their geometric grandeur, serve more than just the aesthetic pleasure. They bind the device together, enhancing its durability while presenting a flourish that is nothing short of art. It's like holding a prism in your hand, with each reflective panel casting a mesmerizing glow, intricately cut to reflect even the smallest ray of light.

The Sapphire, Anthracite, and other crystalline-inspired colors are more than hue designations; they are a tribute to the mesmerizing beauty of natural crystals and minerals, adding to the Orion Pico's allure.
Glistening Geometry

Orion Pico: Vibrant, Stylish, and Sustainable

The beauty of Orion Pico lies not just in its design, but also in its varied and eye-popping colour options. At LVE, our design aesthetics do not stop at the physical shape and functionality but extend to the very hues our devices don in their day-to-day lives.

Our choice of colours charters into the realm of natural crystals and minerals with a palette as diverse as nature itself. From Black Anthracite's deep mystique to Silver Pink Sapphire's vibrant allure, every colour is sourced from nature's splendid palette. We have invested time, thought, and passion into creating a colour range that mirrors the diverse preferences and styles of our varied customer base. You are unique, and your Orion Pico should be too.

Our commitment to preserving the planet guided us in our journey to choose materials for Orion Pico. With this commitment in mind, we chose to employ Vegan Leather for some variants of the Orion Pico. Not only does it ooze sophistication, but it also underpins our responsibility towards the environment. Sustainable yet luxurious, Vegan Leather aligns perfectly with our environmental policy and allows us to offer a guilt-free luxury experience.

The colour you choose for your Orion Pico says something about you, and with our diverse colour options, rest assured, you can make a statement that resonates with your style. Explore our colour swatch and discover the Orion Pico that is distinctively you

Adjustable Wattage

Despite it's tiny size, Orion Pico has an adjustable wattage range from 1W to 25W. So dial it right down to savour that perfect MTL experience, or turn it up for those moments when you feel you could do with a little extra.
Orion pico one button control
Orion pico top refilling

Top Refilling

Top refilling is super easy and mess free. Just slide open the easy to access fill port cover and push the bottle tip through the silicone seal.

Squeeze to fill, slide the cover back and enjoy!

No mess, no fuss!

Ultra-Fine Airflow Control

Whether you are a mouth to lung connoisseur or prefer a restricted direct to lung experience you'll be impressed by how finely you can tune the airflow on Orion Pico.

And with the air intake being on the top of the device you won't be annoyed by any condensation, gurgling or leaks!
Orion pico airflow adjustment
Orion Pico coil exploded image

Latest Coil Technology

Orion Pico Coils feature the latest developments in mesh coil technology. 

As with Orion II, we listen closely to customer feedback and monitor industry trends to improve and revise each batch of coils. We expect more coil variations and resistances to be released over the coming months.

Intuitive Control

All settings can be accessed using just one button. Enter adjust mode by using the fire button to choose the setting you would like to adjust. 

Then continue pressing the button to adjust the chosen setting. Adjust mode will exit automatically if the button is not within 2 flashes.
Orion Pico how to change settings and modes image showing the devces fire button
How to adjust the warrange on your Orion Pico

Adjusting Power

Enter power adjust mode to change the wattage from 1w to 25w by pressing the fire button twice. When the number is flashing, each press of the button will increase the wattage until you reach the maximum 25w then start again at 1w.

After setting your desired power level the wattage will flash 2 more times then return to the main screen.

Selecting Fire Style

There are 3 modes. Automatic draw, button activation or both at the same time. Press the button 3 times to enter adjust mode. When you see the flashing letter choose A for automatic, B for button activation or D for both modes.

After selecting wait for 2 flashes to exit adjust mode and return to the main screen.
How to change firing mode between button actuated or automatic LVE Orion Pico's puff counter animation
How to reset your LVE Orion Pico's puff counter animation

Shutdown and Reset the Puff Counter

Press the button 5 times to shut down and lock the device. If you would like to reset the puff counter to zero, just press the button one more time to confirm when you see the message "RESET PUFF".

Your Orion Pico will then shut down.
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