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We are a group of designers, engineers, artisans and visionaries on a mission to create elegant, iconic and timeless e-cigarette designs.

Perfect products are a balance of artistic design and quality engineering, too much artistry and you lose functionality, too much engineering and you lose beauty and elegance. We understand this balance and walk that narrow band between these two very important worlds.

Our goal is to create unique products that become not just a tool but a treasured companion. Our promise to you is that we will continue to push the boundaries of design and technology to bring you the best vaping experience possible.

black orion ii half in a black leather bag


Craftsmanship is the heartbeat that drives us at LVE. It is the cornerstone our entire ethos is built upon. Attention to detail, commitment to quality, and the fusion of art with engineering. The Orion II began as a quest to perfect the original Orion device, with craftsmanship being the light that guided us. Every curve, contour, and material have been carefully chosen, changed, re-chosen and changed again to reach the perfect balance of form and function you see in Orion II.

Craftsmanship is not just a buzzword for us. True craftsmanship can be recognised in the subtle nuances of a products design. The Orion II is a testament to this belief, every material coming together in harmony. The way the materials compliment the curves is the magic that ties everything together.


Creativity is the mother of innovation. At LVE, we nurture creativity by supporting free thinking allowing us to break free from the conventional and see the world in a different way, or perhaps the way it really is. The Orion II is not just a device; it's a canvas where imagination meets functionality.

Creativity has a ripple effect across the entire industry with every product we release influencing and raising expectations of what a vape device should be. Contributing to the collective design paradigm by pushing boundaries, developing the new and disrupting the old is what drives us.

Creativity doesn't end at product design. It extends to every corner of life, it influences the ways in which we communicate with our customers, the technologies we use, how we choose the distributors and retailers that represent us and how we predict market trends to keep up with this ever-changing landscape. True creativity is the spark that pushes you beyond limits, and with the Orion II, we've done just that.
image of a triade 250c vape device on a purple mesh background
Orion II closeup of the shin black forged carbon panels


Passion is what fuels our commitment to contribute to the prevention of the millions of unnecessary deaths each year due to combustible cigarette related disease. We all have a story, our own reasons why we're involved in the good fight and we as much as anyone have our own.

It's our personal stories that provide the raw emotion that drives us, that generates the focus required to create, day in, day out. We create for our friends and family members, for our loved ones. We create so that these tools, and the tools others build on from our work are available for future generations to benefit from. Passion is about pouring our hearts into each design choice, each material selection, and each line drawn.

Orion II is more than a product created by us. It symbolises every individuals right to be able to choose to change for the better.


Nature and all of its elements have a subtle but profound influence on the human body, and the closer we can be to nature, the more in tune and at peace we feel. At LVE, we believe that the confluence of high-quality engineering and organic materials brings a product closer to a natural state, encouraging a greater harmony between user and device than a device alone can provide.

The exquisite woods and abalone that grace the Orion II are not just materials; they're a tribute to the beauty of the natural world. Orion II is a bridge between human innovation and the organic beauty found only in materials that have grown over time. We cherish this special combination of design and nature, and it's this awareness that drives us to source materials responsibly, ensuring minimal environmental impact.
The influence of Mother Earth often goes unnoticed, but it's always there reminding us of the delicate balance we must maintain between progress and preservation.
orion ii with a natural background and grass at the bottom
ultra close up macro of a silver fill cap of Orion ii


Originality is a value we prize above all else, and the Orion II stands proud as the true successor to the original Orion. Every product we've ever created has been unique and conveys the individual style and energy our customers have always fallen in love with. We've never conformed to design standards or trends. In an industry constantly seeking external inspiration, we've never looked anywhere but within ourselves.

It’s clear to us that originality in its truest form, comes from embracing our uniqueness, creating designs that resonate with individuality and thinking outside the box. Being original isn't always the easiest path, but it's the path that speaks truest to our values. Every possible design element. from the exotic material choices to the smallest details tell their own story. The Orion II represents original thought and we take pride in being pioneers, walking undiscovered paths in pursuit of excellence.


Harmony is the equilibrium of form and function, aesthetics and performance found in every facet of our designs.

But our designs are not just about aesthetics or engineering. They're about the perfect balance, the sweet spot where all of the elements harmonise, creating a final product that simply feels like how it should always be, and have been.

This harmony also extends further than the products we create, beyond the relationship between our brand and our customers allowing this harmony into their hearts. We've set out from the beginning to create beautiful products that resonate with our customers on a personal level. Products they can welcome into their lives, fall in love with and be proud to own. Our commitment to every customer old and new is that we will forever craft devices that strike this balance and never lose sight of our original values.
Photo of the temple of Apollo in Greece. The god of harmony
Orion II device on a wooden log looking pretty


Innovation can often be elusive, especially in an industry prone to recycling old ideas disguised as new. But in the same respect, being immersed in a world of conformity can be the catalyst required to seed new ideas and innovations. True innovation requires many aspects to meet simultaneously. Creativity, technical ability, necessity, craftsmanship, and desire all must converge at the same moment. Aligning perfectly to provide the perfect moment for new ideas to come to life.

True innovation is way more than being on the cutting edge of technology. It's about perfect timing and having the ability to reshape the landscape of possibilities based on the world’s immediate needs.Through the Orion II, we've harnessed the force of innovation to forge not just a stride forward, but a leap into the vaping future.

In the realm of high-end vapor product design, these pillars—craftsmanship, creativity, passion, nature, originality, harmony, and innovation—are the foundation upon which our work at LVE stands.Every one of our products, old and new carry in them our philosophy, embodied with our promise to constantly redefine boundaries, embrace beauty, and craft products that will stand the test of time.
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We are a group of designers, engineers, artisans and visionaries on a mission to create elegant, iconic and timeless e-cigarette designs.
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