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LVE Endorsement

LVE Endorsement

As a company whose core values have always been exceptional quality and full commitment to the vape community, we are constantly looking for initiative and distinctive personalities to share our vision of what vaping is and what it should be. LVE endorsement program was designed to be mutually Beneficial for both parties.

What Are Your Benefits?

We may believe that personal approach is the best concept in any type of cooperation. modal on a different listed above and the possibility to add value to the brand we will make you a special offer after reviewing your application.
Next step

LVE Endorsement

Now that you know more about our endorsement program you can determine whether our cooperation can be beneficial for you and us. If you would like to proceed please fill the form below. Our manager will contact you after your application is reviewed.

Thank you for your interest in LVE.


It should be directly or indirectly related to vaping. We are looking for both vape influencers and influencers from all the fields that might be related to vaping or lifestyle, such as music, cinematography etc. Notice!!! Your industry or segment should not be Kid friendly or cover groups of people that are prohibited from vaping.


The ability to influence an audience through your social media channels in order to promote LVE products as an alternative to smoking or as a top tier vape product.


High visibility and popularity on social media platforms i.e. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube etc.


Participate in marketing campaigns and social networking.
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