Since its inception, the Orion has been an iconic product. It was the perfect confluence of design, quality and technology.

The Orion defined an entire category of products but like all good things, over time, we found room for improvement.

As the creators, designers and engineers of the original Orion, we felt things could be even better. It's why we (LVE) crafted a new and improved Orion; the ORION II.

Over the years, we've improved our manufacturing, product design and developed a deeper understanding of what makes a great vape device, truly great. The Orion II brings not just better function but improved form, with graceful curves for a smoother feel and quality materials like wood, abalone, carbon fiber, and more for a distinguished look.

For the vapers who fell in love with the original Orion all those years ago, we give you a new ORION to fall in love with all over again.


Exquisite manufacturing process and solid build quality

Classic design
Inherited from Orion DNA Go and functionalities have been improved, such as more convenient and effective airflow control, better coil construction and longer durability, larger cartridge capacity and higher output power and higher efficiency of chipset
Create your own style!
Variety of interchangeable panels can be matched with different styles such as technology sense with carbon fiber panels, classic sense with wood panels. Even same panels but with different color frame also have a very different looks.



As the leading advanced personal vaporizer manufacturer

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