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Company Foundation

The foundation of a company marks the beginning of its journey, and it's a critical moment that sets the stage for the company's future success.
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TAN v1

With the idea of creating high-end vape products, we decided to utilize an existing device as a reference. Our choice fell on Axis box mod by Ante Meridiem. After some time we had to spend in experimenting with materials and design something sufficiently different from Axis was born. It was Tan box mod powered by YiHi chipset. The name was quite self-explanatory as “Tan” is Chinese for ebony. With ergonomic fire button on top of that and a cheaper price point, Tan was destined to succeed. This was something unprecedented – the product that was produced in China with a Chinese name on it was proved to be a high-end device made according to highest industry and manufacturing standards. It was an excellent starting point for the brand and moreover invaluable experience in design and manufacturing. Well received, it allowed us to move towards next projects with experience in our hands and a newborn fan base.
Tan v1

TAN v2

Our next device has become a breaking point for the brand as in pursuit of quality and performance, we have started cooperation with a renowned chipset manufacturer EVOLV. The first chipset we integrated into our device was DNA 40. This was a breakthrough as a high-quality build was backed by the solid performance of DNA chipset. TAN v2 design was complemented with a stainless steel plate that was inspired by Gepetto mods. Besides, Tan V2 was our first device equipped with 510 spring loaded connector that made it user-friendly.

Esquare 40

We have always been dedicated to creating unique things. So the time has come to improvise with shapes and ergonomics. That’s how Esquare 40, first square shaped box mod on the market was born. Dual 18650 batteries and billet box inspired carbon fiber panels were main distinctive features of Esquare 40. Warmly met by the community for its size, form factor and material selection, Esquare 40 became an icon in a compact dual battery box mod segment.
Esquare 40

Epetite 40

Following the success of Esquare 40 we decided to make our next box mod even smaller for a stealthy style of vaping. The solution was obvious – we turned dual battery box mod into single battery version. One of the smallest and lightest box mods on the market, powered by DNA 40 chipset was a great purchase for those who have been looking for a lightbox mod, yet accepted no compromises in terms of quality.
Epetite DNA 40

Efusion 200

Times are changing and here we came to the period in time where wattage race has begun and it dictated us the way we should move. By that time Evolv has designed DNA 200 that we utilized for Efusion 200. This was a huge transition from lower wattage box mods to an era of high power beasts, where everyone needed a maximum performance. The design was a pure continuation of Esquare aesthetics and the DNA 200 board easily became a best seller and was definitely the most advanced solution the one could get. With all its durability, style and a technical perfection, Efusion 200 was warmly received by the press, reviewers and the fan base.

Efusion Duo

At this point some were saying we have already reached our limits with high power devices, but in fact we have just started. Abalone and wooden panels along with DNA 200 board – it was reinvented Efusion 200. Interchangeable dual 18650/li-po modification was offered to satisfy every vaper’s needs. We produced few $400 Damascus steel masterpieces to take care of collectors.
Efusion Duo


Dawn of the squonk era was enlightened by Halcyon box mod. DNA 200 board and a superior build quality made this box mod a desirable purchase for many. Made of extremely light Aluminium alloy Halcyon was in a lightweight division but hitting as hard as a heavyweight. It was arguably the most powerful squonk device on the market.


Continuing the tradition of utilizing DNA chipsets, we stepped up to create even more sophisticated mods. Therion was the first dual parallel 18650 box mod with DNA 75 board. It was also available in other versions such as DNA 75 squonker, DNA 133, DNA 75C and DNA 75C squonker. Selection of new materials was stunning. Wide range of leather panels including Italian leather made Therion one of the most popular box modes. With Therion we proved that even mass produced box mod can be more than just a vaping device, but a piece of art.


Our first and only box mod that supports 26650 battery. Retro-futuristic design with carbon fiber and wooden inserts were more of experimenting attempts.


Triple battery, die cast zinc, customizable panels made Triade a best-selling mod of 2016. We manufactured various revisions such as DNA 200, DNA 250 and DNA 250C. Classic triple battery configuration along with great design and machining made Triade so desirable by vapers around the world.

Esquare 60 and Epetite 60

Revision of Esquare 40 and Epetite 40 were introduced in mid-2017. 20 watts more inside and yet the same compact form factor couldn’t go unnoticed.
Esquare and Epetite 60


Extremely small and utilitarian, yet having 60 watts on board, Coral didn’t get enough credits but became arguably one of the most interesting compact devices on the market. Such a tiny mod with DNA 60 board was quite a rare thing. Unfortunately, due to li-po battery Coral hasn’t become as popular as it could and it was time to create something mind blowing.


And the mind blowing device was ready to make a revolution in a squonk game. Drone was the next level of design. Dual battery squonker with a standard three battery configuration and DNA 166 board brought a whole new experience to squonk lovers. Great material selection and design decisions made Drone a cult device and one of the brand’s symbols.
Drone 250


2018 was a year of pod systems. Being a LVE, we decided not to go with the flow but discover our own way. While others have been trying to flood market with their devices that in fact copied one another, we spent this time in attempts to design something revolutionary. Orion was presented to the public soon after. First DNA GO pod system available, it created a lot of noise and assured everyone that LVE is always on top when it comes to innovations, design and quality.

The history continues as we keep creating devices for our amazing supporters around the world. Having one of the most loyal fan base, we are proud of what we`ve achieved together and we believe that there is more to come.
Orion DNA go
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